There are many benefits to choosing a childminder to care for your little ones, some of which are listed below:

  • Registered childminders work in their own homes meaning that your children can enjoy real-life learning experiences like cooking, shopping, gardening, mealtimes and outings to the park and library.
  • Childminders are self-employed and can be more flexible – a great help if you work shifts or irregular hours or need an extra half an hour here and there.
  • Some childminders are registered to provide overnight care and work at weekends.
  • Most childminders will pick up and collect children from school, pre-school or nursery as well as offer care during school holidays.
  • Childminders are regularly inspected by Ofsted and are expected to provide high quality childcare. They receive the same core training as other childcare professionals.
  • Childminders work in partnership with parents and many become lifelong friends and part of the family.

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