Although every day is different when childminding I do have some structure to our days as babies and children love to know what is coming next as this helps them to feel more confident and secure.

Our days are busy and fun and a mix of both adult and child led activities as required by the EYFS.

I ensure children have plenty of free access to choose their own resources as well as setting up activities that are geared towards the children’s current interests and meet their individual next steps in their development.

A typical day at Clare’s Little Tots looks something like this:

  • 8am ‐ Breakfast
  • 8:30am – School drop off
  • 9am- If we’re not at home we either go for a walk, visit a park or soft play or go to a toddler group. ­
  • 12pm ­‐ Lunchtime
  • 12:30pm ­‐ 2pm Quiet time or nap time for the younger ones
  • 2pm ‐ Snack time
  • 3pm ­‐ Nursery / School pick up
  • 3.30pm – free play
  • 4pm – Tidy by time
  • 4:30pm -­ Tea Time
  • 5pm – Home time