I love making homemade Christmas ornaments with the Little Tots and I’m always trying to find ones we can make where can create them with little input from me. These Washi Tape Christmas Baubles definitely fitted that criteria and if your little one can use scissors then these can be completely child made.

With this weeks featured Weekly Book Club for Kids featured story being Merry Christmas Mouse (by Laura Numeroff) these Christmas ornaments were a perfect extension of the book. The story follows the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookies as she decorates her Christmas tree, adding one on at a time and counting as she goes so it was fun to count up our own at the end.

You will need

  • Green card
  • Festive Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon

Firstly I drew a circle template using a cup and cut out 4 green circles, older children could do this step themselves but my pre-schoolers needed a lot of support with this step. You could also use other colours of card such as red, gold or silver etc.

They then selected their washi tape and cut strips with the scissors and I assisted them if they asked for help. Sticking them on was a bit tricky but a great fine motor work out and they really had to concentrate to get the washi tape to stick where they wanted it.

They did a great job of tucking the ends under so it still kept its circular shape and we finished off making a hole with punch and adding some red ribbon so they can be hung up.

At the moment we’ve displayed our baubles on our notice board with the rest of our artwork but they’ll soon be going home with the little ones to hang on their Christmas trees.

Joining in the book club fun is easy, free and there is no pressure. Do as many or as little of the activities as you like.

If you don’t already have the featured book for the week see if you can borrow it from your local library to read with your kids. Then head over to the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group and be inspired by lots of activities related to that week’s theme to try with your little ones.

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