The start of a new school year means there have been some big changes at Clare’s Little Tots, as some of my little ones have now gone off to nursery and school, I now have new Little Tots in my care including 3 new babies.

When I asked by Character Online if I wanted to review some of their plush new Teletubby nursery range I knew this would be a great chance to add to my baby toys which haven’t been out now for over 2 years now.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

These toys were put to the test this week by an 8 month old, 15 month old and 22 month old. For purposes of review, I have used my own child Jack to take photos of them in action.

Tinky Winky Chiming Rattle

This soft rattle is the perfect size for little hands to grab which helps promote and develop those gross motor skills and get those tiny hands working. The rattle has different textures, colours and has a soft chiming in it as well as making a crinkly noise to fully engage babies.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

My 8 month old adored grabbing hold of this and giving it a good shake before inevitably bringing it to his mouth to taste. He enjoyed rubbing it between his fingers to get that crinkly sound before bringing back to his mouth to explore some more.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

The older babies loved that they recognised that it was Tinky Winky and babbled away to it whilst playing with it. Due to its small size, this rattle is perfect for babies that are starting to grab hold of toys and would make an ideal gift at only £7.99 from Character Online.

Jiggler Laa-Laa Soft Toy

This toy was thoroughly enjoyed by my older babies (15 and 22 months) as well as the school kids for some reason! Much larger than the Tinky Winky rattle the Jiggle Laa-Laa soft toy also has multiple textures for small hands to explore.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

My 15 month old was absolutely obsessed by the tiny coloured balls inside the clear tube around Laa-Laa’s middle which he moved round and round and even tried to grab them which was a great way to promote hand-eye coordination.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

This toy also has the added bonus of a teething ring for babies to chew on and when you pull the head apart from the legs its vibrates as it retracts back down which again helps work those gross motor skills. Babies love repetition so they never grew bored of doing this over and over again or laughing when I did it for them.

Teletubby plush nursery range review character online

There’s also a clip to attach to the pram when you go out or you could hang it from a baby play gym and let them enjoy pulling it down and watching it retract back up.

I also thought this was really well priced at £14.99 and is also available from Character Online.

I have been really impressed by the quality of these toys which as a childminder is something I always look for as the toys in my hours really good put through their paces by multiple children of all ages. For the full range of plush Teletubby toys visit Character Online.

(Disclaimer: I have been sent these items for purpose of review, all thoughts and opinions are my own)

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