We’ve got actual real snow outside and considering we don’t get that much snow here it’s been really exciting for the little ones. After a morning playing in it, they were completely frozen so we came inside to make some snow of our own with this Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play.

We used some soap foam which was sent to us last month from the team at Kids Stuff Crazy. If you haven’t used soap foam before it comes in a can like shaving cream and has a similar texture but smells much nicer and makes a perfect sensory medium to add to sensory bins.

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play
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You will need:

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

This took less than a minute to set up and considering it was played with for nearly an hour I consider that a massive win and worth the mess. Plus being soap it cleaned up really well and even cleaned my rug for me!

I simply squirted the blue soap foam into one half and white into the other and added the animals. I then set on a table, rolled up their sleeves and let them get stuck in.

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

I also added some blue gems and blue and white bottle tops to the tray as well as this was what I had to hand.

We’ve used shaving cream several times for sensory play but I much prefer the soap foam, it’s kinder on the skin for little ones and lasts so much longer. So long, in fact, it was still there out in my garden after two days, it only dissolves in water.

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

First of all the Little Tots just enjoyed the smooth silky feel of the foam and were quite content just moving their hands through it. It feels so soft that even I couldn’t resist a play.

They then moved on to hiding the animals and trying to find them and both started to make up stories based around saving the penguins from the scary polar bears.

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

Even after nearly an hour the soap foam stayed the same consistency unlike shaving cream which tends to start disolving after awhile.

Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

As well as the blue and white soap foam there is also a pink one that we will definitely be using for some Valentines Day themed sensory play next week…if there’s any left.

If your little ones like this then why not check out our Penguin Sensory Bin or make an arctic small world using ice.

Areas of learning: 

  • Physical Development – enjoying sensory play, picking up small objects.
  • Expressive Arts & Design – creating stories around toys, using object to represent something else.
  • Literacy – making marks or letters in the foam.
  • Maths – counting out animals, making patterns in the foam.
  • Understanding the World – talking about where animals live, how ice is made, changes in seasons.

(Disclaimer: We were sent these products for purpose of review, all thoughts and opinions are our own)


Soap Foam Winter Sensory Play

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