It’s been a good while since I let the Little Tots lose with Gloop and for good reason. Gloop is extreme messy play and this Spooky Spider Gloop is no exception….but it is also an amazing sensory play experience.

If you haven’t tried gloop before go and do it now, just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the mess….and make sure you do it outside if you can.

spooky spider gloop halloween sensory play

You will need:

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Plastic spiders
  • Orange food colouring (or green, purple, black would also work)
  • Shallow tray

Making the gloop is the easy part, it was colouring it that was the hard bit. Simply pour a box of cornflour into a bowl and add water and mix. There are no specific quantities to this, just keep going until you’re happy with the consistency.

To get an orange colour I added the food gel to the water first and mixed before adding to the cornflour, it took a lot of mixing but eventually, we did get an even colour.

spooky spider gloop halloween sensory play

Even as an adult I find gloop fascinating. It changes from a solid to a liquid and back again in your hands and is a fantastic science experiment.

At first, one of the Little Tots wasn’t sure about it but within minutes, they were all sinking their hands into the gloopy mixture and pulling out spiders much to their delight.

spooky spider gloop halloween sensory play

This worked as a simple counting activity as we counted out how many spiders we could find and talked about which ones were big and which ones were little.

spooky spider gloop halloween sensory play

In total, they probably played with this for nearly 30 minutes…..the clean up though after will probably take me forever. For now, I’ve left it outside in the hope that it actually rains this afternoon and washes it off the patio!!

spooky spider gloop halloween sensory play

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