This is edible witches potion is a perfect treat for a Halloween party and doesn’t take much preparation at all. It didn’t look as effective as I’d hoped it would due to the coloured bowls but do you think my little ones minded?…..there were snakes in their bowls, of course they didn’t!

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This also ties in nicely with our book of the week, Room on the Broom (by Julia Donaldson) for this weeks Virtual Book Club for Kids.

You will need:

  • Green jelly
  • Edible jelly worms
  • Shallow bowls

Make the green jelly up according to the packet instructions.

Add half of the jelly snakes to the bowls and pour the jelly mixture over the top. Then add a few more snakes and dangle them over the top or have them just poking out from the surface.

You could also add jelly eyeballs, teeth or any other spooky treats you can find…..this was my original plan but could I find any in any supermarket this week? NOPE. It wasn’t until my 5th shop that I found the snakes!

Leave to set in the fridge until ready and enjoy. The snakes did start to lose their colour a bit after being in the jelly so I wouldn’t prepare these too far in advance.

I think these would look really effective in a glass bowl or sundae glass but glass isn’t something I let my kids anywhere near! Jack wasn’t to keen on the lime flavour jelly which had a really strong taste but he did love eating the snakes.

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