I just love the colours around us in autumn so today we have tried yet another activity to celebrate these colours with this Autumn Bleeding Tissue Paper Tree.

We first tried out this technique of bleeding tissue paper back in the spring to make some beautiful flowers and I love how it turned out again for this autumn tree craft.

You will need:

  • White card
  • Tissue paper in autumn colours (red, greens, brown, orange, yellow etc)
  • Brown marker
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • A clean paintbrush

Start by tearing or cutting the tissue paper up into rough squares, the actual shape doesn’t matter as the colours will bleed into each other once the water touches it.

Paint your paper with water all over and then lay on the tissue paper over the top and add another layer of water. Whilst we were making these I talked to the children about what a tree looks like to encourage them to put brown tissue paper at the bottom for the tree trunk and the other colours at the top for the leaves.

Obviously, they all had their own ideas about where each bit of tissue paper should go so I left them to create. Once finished wait for the pictures to dry, it’s best to wait overnight, if you can wait that long!

Once dry peel away the tissue paper which should come off really easily and you’ll be left with a gorgeous autumn coloured tree that now needs branches adding to it.

Use the marker pen to draw over the top and create the tree trunk and branches.

Bleeding tissue paper autumn tree

Links to the EYFS:

  • Expressive Arts & Design – colour mixing and experimenting, creating.
  • Physical Development – showing control using tools (scissors, paintbrush), fine motor skills (tearing tissue paper).
  • Understanding the World – Talking about the natural environment around us, changing seasons, growth and decay.

For a different type of autumn tree check out our Autumn Handprint Tree or make your own apple trees with playdough or paper tubes.


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