Last year Pop and Sparkle, our red and grey Kindness Elves landed in Georgia’s bedroom armed with their book The Story of The Kindness Elves. The Kindness Elves make a wonderful alternative to that creepy looking Elf on the Shelf by encouraging children to carry out acts of kindness and love.

Whilst Georiga really loved receiving little letters from them with ideas for random acts of kindness what I didn’t expect was just how much it encouraged her to write.

Just like the children in the book she was so keen to write back and loves to send them little notes, make them pictures or cards and write stories about them, even when they haven’t written to her. I often find little notes and letters to them that she’s made and she talks about them with such enthusiasm. They’ve even been on a trip to her classroom where the rest of her class learnt all about them.

As soon as she was able to write she pretty much lost interest in it until the arrival of Pop and Sparkle. They have really inspired her to write and I’m not sure if she knows the notes are from me or not when they write back but she doesn’t seem to mind. Children love to believe in magic and it’s wonderful to watch her be so enthused and creative.

This week saw the launch of 8 new Kindness Elves and we were lucky enough to get hold of 4 of the new arrivals. Each of the elves has a name and occupation, but of course, children are free to call them whatever they like


Say hello to Flora, Sage, Ivy and Rock the gorgeous green Nature Lover elves. These nature -loving elves love nothing more than being outside exploring and they love to take care of the natural environment around them. Aren’t they cute?

There is also another 4 elves, Rose, Wish, Floss and Finn who are pretty in pink and are the “Wish Maker” elves! The Wish Makes love to make wishes come true and create wonderful surprises for others to enjoy.

We are totally in love with our new Kindness ElvesVisit my affiliate link to order your Kindness Elves from the store, along with the Kindness Elves Book there’s also a beautiful Kindness Elves Accessory Pack.

Which colour Kindness Elves will you choose?

Encouraging writing with the Kindness Elves

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