Every time I try and make some under the sea playdough it either turns out green or looks like swamp…that was until I discovered Wiltons food dye which I now use for playdough, rice, pasta etc (as well as you know, actual food) and the colours are so much more vibrant.

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The Little Tots love the book Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae at the moment so today I used a tiny amount of blue Wiltons and was able to create this really blue ocean themed playdough for them to enjoy.

You will need:

I set out the playdough in the tray along with the rest of the bits and left them to play and create. I love to watch them engage in playdough, there is so many ways to use it and so much learning going on at the same time.

They stuck the fish and sea animals into the playdough to start off with which led to games of hiding the fish under the sea and pretending they had gone. Only for them to dig around and find them again with squeals of delight.

They also soon realised that the toys left small imprints in the playdough so enjoyed trying to guess which one had left the mark and match them up again.

Jack was content pushing the shells into the playdough and filling them up with the blue gems then trying to count them over and over again.

The older school children also enjoyed creating their own underwater scenes and using the sea animals for lots of creative story telling.

There are huge benefits to letting young children give playdough a good squish and we have it out a lot here.

Links to the EYFS:

  • Communication  & Language – staying focused, using new words such as “octopus” and “whale”
  • Physical Development – fine motor skills and enjoy sensory experiences
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – playing alongside others engaged in the same theme, keeping play going in a group.
  • Maths – noticing patterns and shapes, counting out groups of objects, saying random counting words.
  • Literacy – retelling parts of a favourite story and early mark making
  • Expressive Arts & Design – enjoying small world play and creating own stories, describing textures
  • Understanding the World – talking about different animals and where they live.


under the sea playdough

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