Back in March, we took part in a fun series where bloggers created crafts based around a collective noun. This week we’re doing it again and this time I’ve chosen this easy paper plate pig craft.

The collective noun for a group of pigs is a drift or a drove which is another new one for me. When we made these Paper Plate Bears I discovered the collective noun for them was a sloth or a sleuth. Collective nouns really are such gems in the English language.

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As I was doing this with 3 toddlers I knew it needed to be something achievable for them so I pulled out my trusty stash of paper plates and set up the materials ready for them.

You will need:

I cut out the egg carton ready for them to make a nose and two ears and they helped me to secure these on with glue and lots and lots of sticky tape before starting.

Once ready they grabbed their paint brushes and started to cover the plates in pink. We had already discussed we would be making pigs so they kept snorting and giggling whilst painting.

Once satisfied they had covered the plate, ears and nose with enough glue we stuck on the googley eyes. This was a bit tricky as the paint was so wet but I knew there was no way these 3 were going to wait for it to dry!

I did manage to convince them to wait until they were dry to draw on a mouth though and I was so impressed with their effots using the marker pen.

You could also leave out the googley eyes and turn these into a pig mask by cutting out holes and adding them elastic.

I love this colourful Colony of Ants from Zing Zing Tree which is one of the few collective nouns I know! And did you know the collecive noun for cats was a pounce? Left Brain Craft Brain created A Pounce of Pouncing Pom Pom Cats.

I love paper plates for making really easy crafts and I’ve shared loads of our paper plate craft ideas including these Minions which are our most popular along with these and peacocks and pumpkins.



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