Today I’m sharing our How Many Bubbles Counting Game which is a really simple way for preschoolers to work on their number recognition and counting skills.

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This week the featured book for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle so this simple under the sea counting game ties in nicely with the book.

You will need:

I originally designed this activity for my preschoolers who are starting to recognise numbers 1 – 10 and love to count objects but as I had laminated the mat I printed out it also doubled up for some simple addition and subtraction for Georgia (5 years).

The tweezers did prove really tricky with the slippery glass gems so they were abandoned pretty quickly in favour of using hands but this was still a good way to work those fine motor skills.

You could also use blue buttons or blue pom poms if you don’t have gems.

After she’d finished counting out the correct number of bubbles (glass gems) for numbers 1 through to 10 we then tried some simple maths using a whiteboard pen to write a “+” or “-” onto the mat and then wiping off and starting again.

Links to the EYFS:

  • Physical Development – fine motor skills
  • Maths – number recognition, counting groups of objects, counting to 10 and beyond, showing an interest in number problems, knowing a group of objects has changed when you add or remove some.

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