It’s been so long since we painted onto foil that we decided to give it another go this week with these Painted Foil Easter Eggs. The foil offers a lovely alternative to paper and really makes the colours stand out.


You will need:

  • Card
  • Tin foil
  • Sticky tape
  • Brightly coloured paints
  • Paint brushes

To start with I cut out an egg shape from the card and covered in foil, making sure to secure it at the back with some sticky tape. I then picked some brightly coloured paints and let the Little Tots get creative.


Before actually painting they had a really good feel of the foil, smoothing their hands over the surface and trying to see if they could see themselves in the reflection.

painting-foil-eggs-2They soon started painting onto the foil eggs and came up with some beautiful designs.


The paint doesn’t sink in like it does on paper so they were fascinated with watching the way it moved about the foil with the brush….and eventually their hands.

painting-foil-eggs-8Once I could see the eggs were at risk of turning into a huge brown mess I took them away and quickly presented them with another one to do as they pleased…..and these did turn brown eventually!


These did take a lot longer to dry than usual (2 days in fact!) but are now on display and they love to point out which one they made and say their new word “foil”.

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painted foil easter eggs


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