March is National Reading month and to celebrate I created a We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Tuff Tray. It’s currently my Little Tots favourite book so I knew it would be worth the extra effort it took to set up.

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I created this We’re Going on a Bear Hunt small world play in our trusty tuff spot which we use for so many activities.

To re-create each area of the book I used the following:

Grass – I used some fake grass samples we use in all our small word play.

Water – Blue tissue paper with blue gems, you could also use a small tub of water dyed blue or blue water beads

Mud – Brown playdough using our no-cook playdough recipe and adding brown paint. Or why not just use the real thing?

Forest – I didn’t have any toy trees that would be suitable for this so we collected twigs instead (stumble trip!)

Snow – white tissue paper with cotton wool balls on top.

Bear cave – a tissue box painted brown.


I added a print out of the characters from the book using these Bear Hunt Stick Puppets from Twinkl along with some picture cards also from Twinkl and this bear was a perfect size.

I added some clay at the bottom of the cut outs to help them stand up and laminated them to make sure they lasted.


The mud playdough was a huge hit and used for making lots of bear prints, it started to dry out towards the end as this has been out nearly all day but they didn’t seem to mind.



We’ve been reading this book so much recently that Georgia could pretty much repeat it word for words whilst playing with it and even Jack was repeating his favourite words.


It was amazing watching these two become so engaged with this tuff tray and it really brought the story to life for them.


The different textures made this a fun sensory play activity as well and Jack enjoyed running his hands along the different surfaces.

By keeping actual mud and water out of this one it means we can bring it indoors to play with once it started to rain this afternoon.


Don’t forget to check out our Bear Paw Cookies which would be a perfect addition to any We’re Going on a Bear Hunt activities.

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