Chocolate Easter Egg Nests are such a classic Easter baking idea and one I remember very fondly making as a child. I’ve been making these with Georgia for several years now so thought I’d finally capture some photos before we ate them all this time to share.

chocolate egg easter nest cakes

The quantities of the cereal and chocolate are a rough guide only here as we didn’t measure it out. We made 8 in total.


  • Shredded Wheat – 2 large ones crushed
  • Chocolate (I think we used a 200g bar!)
  • Mini Eggs (we used 1 x 100g bag)

As well as Shredded Wheat we have also made these with Cornflakes and Rice Krispies before and they all tasted great.
chocolate egg easter nest cakes

Not that these need any instructions but firstly we crushed the Shredded Wheat in a bowl with a wooden spoon until it was broken up.

chocolate egg easter nest cakes

Next we broke the chocolate into pieces and I melted in a bowl over boiling water. Once melted we tipped the shredded wheat into the chocolate bowl and combined until it was completely covered in chocolate.

chocolate egg easter nest cakes

We then spooned into cup cake cases, placed a few mini eggs on top and left to set in the fridge.

chocolate egg easter nest cakes

Then enjoy….and be sure to give some to friends and family too!

chocolate egg easter nest cakes

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chocolate easter egg nests

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