My preschoolers are currently really into transferring and counting at the moment so today I set up this quick Valentine’s Counting Activity for them.

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This weeks featured book for the Weekly Kids Virtual Book Club is The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond and the theme is hearts so this was a perfect activity to tie in with that.



You will need:

I laminated the heart numbers so they will last longer and so we can use these in other activities such as Valentine’s Playdough or in a sensory tray. I set out everything in a basket but play soon moved next to it as there was more space.

Before starting we organised the heart numbers into order 1 – 10 to make sure we had them all (not sure why they didn’t trust me!).


They then took it in turns to transfer the correct number of gems into the empty mold using the tweezers according to which number was on the heart. Then moved onto the next number.


The tweezers added a great fine motor workout to this activity and made it a bit more tricky for little hands.



To make this activity harder you could use the gems and heart numbers to set some basic maths challenges such as addition and subtraction. My preschoolers were more interested in going off and pretending to cook with them though once they had finished this task.

Areas of Learning:

  • Maths – counting, number recognition and sequencing, shapes
  • Physical Development – fine motor


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Valentine's Counting Activity for Preschoolers

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