My Little Tots love to glue and stick anything at the moment so I’m always trying to come up with new crafts that involve getting the glue out. This afternoon I set up this Shamrock Collage craft for them so we could have some St Patrick’s Day gloopy messy fun.

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I was actually surprised by how many different shades of green paper and card I had including some amazing glitter card. I’ve no idea where I got this from but I’ve found some similar on Amazon.

I also can’t draw at all so used a shamrock template from Twinkl.

You will need:


Whilst the youngest two were sleeping the remaining one awake helped me to rip and cut up squares of all the green materials. I cut out a shamrock shape from the card and set it out with glue and glue sticks.

They all set straight to work with the glue, I love simple ideas like this where you don’t even have to show them what to do.


Jack had a little help from Thomas the Tank Engine with his whilst the girls happily chatted away whilst making theirs.

When doing this with preschool aged children you could also talk about the different textures of the card such as shiny, smooth, rough, soft etc.


This was a great fine motor activity as well. Picking up those small pieces of green paper proved quite tricky and then trying to stick it on to the glue meant they had to work quite hard at this activity.

These 3 are also just starting to grasp colours and were all saying “green” by the end of this craft.


They all worked really hard and the results are these beautiful collage shamrocks that we’ve displayed on our wall…..oh and they also added glitter because why not?


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shamrock collage st patrick's day craft for toddlers

shamrock collage st Patrick's Day craft for toddlers

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