This week we’ve been having fun reading the beautiful new eBook from Twinkl called Meet Ronald the Rhino.

The book is written by a KS1 teacher and tells the story of Ronald, an endangered Javan Rhino. Whilst the book is aimed at KS1 children Georgia (Reception) loved it and really understood the message in the book.

ronald the rhino twinkl ebook

“Ronald feels sad and lonely, he doesn’t think he is special in any way. He tries his hardest to make himself look like the other animals but it just doesn’t work. Luckily, Ronald’s new forest friends are there to help and take him on a journey to discover how wondrous he can be… just the way he is!”

There’s a HUGE range of materials to support the book that are mostly aimed at KS1 children but my 3 and 4 year olds still found plenty to enjoy.


I printed off these Ronald the Rhino Story Cut Outs to use as props whilst we read the story and stuck them onto some craft sticks. There’s also these Ronald the Rhino Stick Puppets which I think would’ve been better.


The story is beautifully illustrated and follows the journey of Ronald, a Javan Rhino who doesn’t think he is special. Luckily he has some lovely friends to help show him otherwise.


Even my 1 year old who has just learnt the words “Rhino” and “Leopard” this week enjoyed sitting and reading this with us whilst playing with the cut outs.


Georgia enjoyed this Ronald the Rhino Counting Activity Sheet and this Number Bonds to 10 Activity.


Then enjoyed the as well the Ronal the Rhino Cutting Skills sheet as did my other Reception aged children who are always asking to cut stuff up.



Download as an eBook to an iPad or tablet or in PDF format or Power Point.

As a childminder I use Twinkl a LOT. There is a huge range of resources suitable for childminders covering all aspects of the 7 areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS. I wouldn’t be without it. If I think of something I need I can guarantee Twinkl has it….and if they don’t ask them kindly and they’ll probably create it for you.

(Disclaimer: I am a Twinkl Blogger and have been given Platinum Membership in return for my honest reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own)



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