Over a year ago I made a Googly Eye Sensory bag for Jack when he was 6 months and he loved it. The next day I went out and brought some blue hair gel to make a Winter Sensory Bag and today, 15 months later, I finally made it for him!

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You will need:

  • Zip loc bag
  • Blue hair gel
  • Snow flake sprinkles
  • Sticky tape

To make this Winter Sensory Bag I simply filled up the zip loc bag with the hair gel and added the sprinkles. The hair gel actually only half filled the bag so I folded it in half before zipping shut. I then secured with lots of sticky tape.


Now Jack is a bit older (20 months) the first thing he tried to do was open up to get at the contents. Once I convinced him that wasn’t what it was for he really enjoyed having a good (mess free) squish.


He even learnt a new word “no flake” and was just as fascinated as he was when he was a baby with the way the snowflakes moved about the bag. He spent ages trying to single a particular one out to see if he could pick it up through the bag.


As with all activities with children full supervision is required as those persitent busy hands could get through the sticky tape if they tried hard enough.

If mess isn’t your thing why not check out our Mess Free Painting for Babies and simply replace the hair gel for paint or make up some Winter Sensory Bottles for you little one to explore (one of my very first blog posts!).

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