This week we’ve started to look at the lunar new year festival of Chinese New Year. My current minded children aren’t quite at the crafting stage yet so these beautiful process art Chinese New Year Painting for Toddlers was a perfect activity for them.

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Chinese New Year Painting for Toddlers

To start a week of Chinese New Year activities off I kept things simple by looking at them photos of Chinese New Year celebrations and reading the book Lanterns and Firecrackers. They have also loved these videos about Chinese New Year from Lets Learn on CBeebies.

This simple chinese themed painting was quick to set up and the results are all totally individual.

You will need:

As always when painting for the Little Tots I pop a painting apron on them (usually and old school polo shirt) and I always have a trusty pack of baby wipes to hand.

Using just red and gold which are the traditional colours of the lunar new year was a great way to introduce these 3 little ones to the festival.


This chinese-inspired process art activity is ideal for toddlers (and babies) allowing them to explore the paint and glitter and create some beautiful artwork.  They had great fun watching the way they mixed together and shaking the glitter everywhere and it’s never long before the paintbrushes are abandoned in favour of hands.


Using just two colours meant we didn’t end up with our usual brown paintings and instead some beautiful extra sparkly paintings were created.

As always one painting each wasn’t enough so luckily I had more card on hand so they could continue painting until all the paint (and the red glitter) was gone.


Don’t forget to check out these really easy Chinese New Year Lanterns we made a few years ago that are ideal for those learning to use scissors.

Chinese New Year Painting for Toddlers

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