When it comes to looking after little ones I like to think I’m quite easy going when it comes to mess and damaged resources. I can handle the Little Tots mixing their playdough colours into a big brown mess but show me a broken crayon and I can’t cope. It gets removed straight away and stored in a tub ready to make into a new crayon when we have enough.

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By the end of each year my tub of broken crayons is usually full enough that we can make these Homemade Crayons Christmas Gifts for our friends.

You will need:


Firstly you need to peel the paper from the crayons which mostly comes off pretty easy but there’s a few brands of crayons that this proves really difficult. This is great fine motor practice for little ones who love to get involved in peeling off the paper.

Once your crayons are ready simply arrange them in the silicone baking mold and place onto a baking tray to support the mold and stop it wobbling everywhere.


Place in an oven on a low heat to melt the crayons, this usually takes around 15 – 25 minutes, but it’s best to keep checking on them and remove once all the gaps have been filled.

Don’t let it get too runny as then the colours mix completely and any darker colours will completely take over.


Once removed from the oven wait for the crayons to cool down completely before pushing out from the mold. We’ve had a fair few gingerbread men lose arms and legs when we haven’t been patient enough to let them harden properly.


We’ve had a lot of trial and error with making our own crayon and we have found lighter colours work best so try to avoid any blacks and browns and they look really great when you mix similar colours together such as yellows and oranges or blues and purples.

We’ve also made these crayons into heart shapes using a heart shaped silicone mold selecting red, pink and purple crayons as well as Christmas trees using this mold and arranging green coloured crayons in there.

Once ready Georgia loves to select a few for each of her friends and we wrap them up in cellophane and usually give them along with a colouring book for a really cheap and easy homemade gift for birthdays of Christmas.


This post is part of the Kid-Made Gift Series hosted by Teach Me Mommy with a new kid made gift posted every day between the 1st – 15ht November. Yesterdays was this fab Gingerbread Body Scrub from The Gingerbread House.14729367_1987803901446389_987252736775284484_n

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