We’ve had the glitter out again today to make these beautiful Glitter Pine Cones Christmas Ornaments. My rug is still sparkling from making bonfire pictures last week and the Little Tots enjoyed shaking glitter so much I decided to let them have another go.

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I wanted to make a christmas ornament with the 1 and 2 year olds I care for that involved very little input from me so these were perfect. Apart from setting up the materials and tie the thread at the end these Glitter Pine Cones have been all their own work.


Our pine cones came from our autumn treasure basket that we’ve been filling up with things we collected over the past few months but if you don’t have any near you you can actually buy them on Amazon.

You will need:


Firstly I placed the pine cones onto a sheet of paper and let them paint them green. I did need to give a bit of assistance holding the pine cones still but they did a great job at covering them as much as they could and made sure plenty went on the paper in the process.



Next their favourite part – glitter. They mostly missed the pine cones and were happy just shaking the glitter everywhere but I did try to encourage them to get at least some of the glitter on them whilst it was still wet with paint.



Obviously none of them wanted to stop after just one so they continued to make a couple each and then I left them to dry overnight.

The paper underneath then served as a lovely piece of festive art work to display on my board.


And in case you’re wondering that is a Christmas tree you can see on our wall in the left of our photos. It’s our Sticky Contact Paper Christmas Tree that’s still going strong after 2 weeks of play.

Once dry I tied some thread around the bottom so they can be hung on a Christmas tree as a lovely kid made Christmas ornament.

glitter pine cones christmas ornament

glitter pine cones christmas ornament

We’re joining in with the Kid Made Christmas Ornament Blog Hop hosted by Crafty Mama in ME  so don’t forget to check out all the other great ideas for kid made Christmas ornaments.





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