This Witches Potion Sensory Play is actually an activity I set up last year and the Little Tots had so much fun exploring this sensory bin I’ll definitely be creating it again for themBelow I’ve listed some of the items we used but any Halloween themed items will work (this post contains affiliate links).

You will need:

Witches potion sensory play

If you’ve ever played with water beads you’ll know how slippery and bouncy they are so I placed everything in the tuff spot to try and prevent to many disappearing under the sofa.

As always, when playing with water beads, constant supervision is needed and I never use them with children who still put things in their mouths as they do look like little sweets.

When I set out this invitation to play the first thing my (then) 3 year old did was go and find a witches costume to wear, she takes her witches potion making very seriously!

Once ready to play both Little Tots had a good feel of the water beads with their hands.

Witches potion sensory play

After they both had a good squish and giggle at how slippery they are they moved on to scooping and transferring using the tweezers and pots. This proved quite difficult with the tweezers as the beads are so slippery but it was great fine motor skill practice working those little hand muscles.

Every time water beads bounced off or slipped away it had them in hysterics and they soon resorted to their hands using the tweezers for the spiders instead.

witches potion sensory play

The play soon developed into some lovely role play where the girls were witch friends making a potion to scare away the ghosts (witches are scared of ghosts apparently!) and then moved on to a sweet shop run by friendly witches.


My Little Tots love playing with sensory bins and I’ve put together this post which talks about how to create a sensory bin along with lots of ideas for sensory bin fillers.

Links to learning:

  • Physical development – squatting to play and fine motor skill development
  • Creativity – imaginative and pretend play
  • Sensory – enjoying the sensory experience of the water beads
  • Maths – counting spiders, pouring and transferring and talking about sizes


witches potion sensory play

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witches potion sensory play


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