Since getting our box of Halloween goodies down from the attic last week that feeling of panic that takes over and makes your heart skip a beat has taken over about 72 times when I see those plastic spiders left on the floor! Every. Single. Time.

So, to try and show the kids I am absolutely not afraid of spiders, we made some Spider Playdough last week and filmed a video for the Kids Make and Bake Club YouTube channel. Last year when I made our Halloween Playdough the black playdough was played with most and constantly turned into spiders so I though it was time to give it another try with Halloween just around the corner (this post contains affiliate links).

You will need:

  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 2 cups of boiling water
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 4 tablespoons of cream of tar tar
  • 2 tablespoons for vegetable oil
  • Black paint


spider playdough

To make the playdough we combined all the dry ingredients to the bowl first before adding the oil, water and a good squirt of paint. Then we mixed until it was all combined, usually at this stage the mixture is still very wet but this time as you’ll see in the video it was a lot firmer, probably because of the paint.

spider playdough

Once cooled take out the bowl and knead really well. This is the most important stage of making playdough. Keep kneading until all the stickiness comes out and you’ll be left with some lovely soft black playdough perfect making spiders.

Next I set out the playdough with some plastic spiders, black pipe cleaners, googley eyes and spooky straws and let my 4 year old get creative.

spider playdough

Her first spider consisted of just sticking everything from the tray into the playdough which is the first thing she always does when playing with playdough.
spider playdough

Next she rolled it into a ball and made a spider with alternate pipe cleaners and straw legs and two googley eyes and called him Simon.


Links to learning:

Playdough is one of my favourite ways to cover all 7 areas of learning and development. It’s such a fun open ended resource and my Tots alway enjoy it.

  • Maths – weighing and measuring ingredients, counting spider legs and straws
  • Literacy – mark making in the dough, reading ingredients
  • Communication & Language – following instructions, reading new words on ingredients
  • Creativity – manituplagin the dough, creating story lines around play
  • Sensory – enjoying sensory experiences
  • Understanding the world – talking about celebrations, where spiders live, what happens when ingredients are mixed.
  • Physical Development – fine motor skills picking up small objects and gross motor skills for kneading the dough


spider playdough

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spider playdough

spider playdough

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