Have you ever watched a 2 year old try and master sticky tape? That’s what I look like when I try and do any craft that involves contact paper. I hate the stuff. Seriously how did teachers at school make it so easy? (This post contains affiliate links).

As this weeks featured book for the Kids Virtual Book Club is Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino I decided it was time to wrestle with the stuff once again to make one our favourite Halloween crafts – Pumpkin Suncatchers.


We make these pumpkin suncatchers every year as they’re so simple and the Little Tots get to laugh at me trying to use the contact paper. Last year we filmed Georgia making them so don’t forget to check out the video a the bottom of this post.

You will need:


First up I drew the outline of a simple pumpkin shape onto the black card using a pencil so I could just see it, a white pencil would also work well for this. I then cut away the middle leaving just the outline.


I also cut out some eyes, nose and mouth shapes from the paper leftover. This year Georgia was able to cut her own out and I think she did a great job. halloween-suncatcher-6

Next up, my favourite bit, I cut the contact paper to the same size as the black card and peeled back the edge. Today it only took 3 attempts to get this bit right, the peeling back of the contact paper to secure onto the card.

Then we turned it over so it was sticky side up and Georgia arranged  her eyes, nose and mouth onto the paper.


Next, the Little Tots favourite bit, tearing up the tissue paper. This is a great fine motor work out, I encourage them to tear into strips and then into squares.

Then we covered the remaining sticky bits with the orange tissue paper, placing a few green bits at the top for the stalk.

pumpkin suncatchers

Picking up those tiny bits of tissue paper is another great way to work those fine motor muscles that are used to grips pencil with so this a great pre-writing activity.

Once satisfied she had enough tissue paper on we turned it over to admire the finished result and displayed on our window to wait for the sun to hit it.


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