Sometimes I feel really creative and love to come up with crafts and activities for the Little Tots…..sometimes I just want someone to do it for me! Today is definitely one of those days when my little Elsa came to me asking to make something spooky.

I’ve had access to iChild for awhile since becoming a member of PACEY for my childminding business but I had no idea they also had a range of resources and activities to encourage children’s creativity, stimulate their imaginations and help develop fine motor skills.

So we chose to make this easy Paper Plate Ghost.

You will need:

paper plate ghost

The instructions for this craft were really easy to follow so Georgia was able to do this one pretty much by herself. We read through the materials needed together and she helped me gather them and we then discussed the steps involved which was a great chance for her to practice reading.

paper plate ghost

Firstly she cut out the ghost face from the template, when it game to the hands though she found these a bit tricky so I had to help with this bit. Once finished she glued the eyes, mouth and hands on to the back of the plate.

paper plate ghost

We then had fun tearing up the tissue paper into strips and flipped the plate over to glue these along the bottom. This bit got a bit messy with the glue and tissue paper getting mixed up but we got there in the end.

paper plate ghost

Once finished she punched a hole in the top and threaded through the string and it’s currently handing on the window next to our  Pumpkin Suncatchers.
paper plate ghost

Once I had worked out how to navigate the resources on iChild I also found these Creepy Crawly Spiders and Halloween Handwriting Sheet that we will try next week. Also this Halloween Shopping activity will be a big hit with the school age children I care for so think we will try this one during October half term (some of the activities you need to be a paying Gold member to access).

More Halloween fun:

If your little ones like making these Paper Plate Ghosts then why not try:


(Disclaimer: I have kindly been given 3 months gold membership by iChild. All opinions and views are my own)

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