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We’ve had such a crazy week of Halloween and Diwali activities so it was lovely to take a break from it today with this simple maths activity based on the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell which is also the featured book for this weeks Kids Virtual Book Club.

You will need:


Owl Babies is such a classic that I’ve enjoyed reading it over the years to all my Little Tots especially as it’s a tale of reassuring three baby owls that mummy always comes home which is very fitting with me being a childminder.

To set this activity up I added the feathers to a basket and printed and laminated the number owls so we could use these over and over again.


The activity simply involves selecting the owl numbers one by one and adding the correct amount of features to the tray to reflect the number on the owl.


My own 4 year old tried this out first and although it was a little basic for her she still enjoyed it and even spent ages making sure each owl and the same coloured feathers.

Next my pre-schoolers tried it out who love to count anything they can get their hands on at the moment. Last month they loved counting and ordering these laminated leaves so they were excited to change to feathers this time.


My younger Tots who aren’t at the counting stage yet had a lot of fun with this basket of feathers. The colours and fluffy textures are so beautiful they were quite content to explore it and laugh and the feathers as they slowly fell through the air.


Areas of learning:

  • Maths – number recognition, number sequencing
  • Physical development – fine motor skills
  • Sensory – touching the soft fluffy feathers and describing the texture
  • Creativity – colour matching
  • Understanding the world – talking about baby owls being cared for by their mum and working parents

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owl babies counting activity

owl babies counting activity


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