What is it about slime that kids love so much? My carpet and walls are proof of how much my Little Tots love it. I’ve always been secretly glad that every slime recipe I’ve seen contains Borax which you can’t get here in the UK but then Asia from Fun at Home With Kids goes and finds a way to make it with no Borax…..so of course we had to try it!

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Check out her post where she details how to Make Slime with Laundry Detergent (Liquid Starch alternative for UK) and tells you how to fix your slime when it goes wrong. 

EDIT: Due to the ingredients of the Alid Almat Gel changing it no longer works to make slime so I’ve taken it out of this post. However, Lidl’s Formil Biolgoical is a great replacement and we will be doing a new video soon!

You will need:

monster slime

We’ve made this Lidl washing detergent and PVA glue slime a couple of times before (see our Snow Slime) and it’s tricky to get right (much like playdough) but this time I filmed it for the Kids Make and Bake Club YouTube channel and Georgia nailed it first time.

Watch below and you’ll see how genius this borax free slime is….of course she dressed as a witch to make it because if you’ve seen our Witches Potion Sensory Play post you’ll know she takes Halloween sensory play very seriously.

This slime feels so amazing that I can never resist playing with it as well. We’re planning to make some more for our Halloween party next week to share with friends.


If your little ones like gross stuff they will LOVE this! Originally this was going to be called Spider Slime and we were going to add some little plastic spiders but we decided it was more like a Monster Slime.


I’m not sure how long this stuff actually lasts as I usually end up throwing it away after a weeks worth of play but inbetween that I store in an airtight container.

Have you tried making this slime recipe? I would love to know how you get on.

monster slime borax free slime using aldi washing gel and ova glue. Fun Halloween sensory play.

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