Last week we were sent some beautiful books by Home Grown Books to review. Making time to sit and read books with my own children and the children I care for is a daily occurrence here so we’re always excited when we have something new to read.

I was kindly sent two collections to review from their Education Collection, the Sequencing Education Collection and the Conservation Education Collection. The books have been perfect to share with my own two children aged 4 years and 18 months who were captivated by them.


The books are beautifully illustrated with quirky pictures and are ideal for beginner readers. Georgia was able to read many of the words herself whilst Jack enjoyed pointing out the things he knows the words for.

Home Grown Books are an independent publisher who produce books to support organic learning and creativity in young children and inspire little imaginations.

The Sequencing Education Collection

This collection is made up of 6 paperback booklets designed to help beginning and emergent readers with the pattern of following directions and understanding sequential steps.


The books in this collection are:

  • Bake It!
  • Finger Painting
  • How to Make a Fort
  • One Sock Puppet
  • Make Me a Pirate
  • Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie was a favourite of Georgia’s who of course asked “can we make strawberry pie?” as soon as we had finished reading it.


The books covered things that we do regularly here such as painting and baking so I can’t wait to introduce them to my other Little Tots to see what they think of them.


Home Grown Books have written lots more on introducing sequencing to beginner readers here as well as more information about each of the books.

The Education Collection

This collection consisted of 4 books and are going to be fantastic learning tool for my Little Tots and prompted lots of discussion with my 4 year old who was engrossed by them.

The collection consistsed of books covering the following:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Animals
  • Garden


The books are aimed at introducing children to the importance of the environment around us. They look at how water, soil, sun, ice and living things work together and create a sustainable environment. There’s also more about to use these books with your beginner reader here.


I love the minimalist nature of these books and how they encourage discussion and engagement with children. I can see them becoming a firm favourite of ours and will be on our book shelf for many years to come.


At the moment I completely torn as to whether to keep these gorgeous books all to ourselves or give them away as a gift. They would make such a lovely present for anyone looking for something special that will be treasured by parents and kids.

These book collections along with many other collections and individual books are available to order via their website and they also ship internationally.

(Disclaimer – I was sent these books in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own)

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