Despite a whole week of wet school runs and garden play and with heavy rain forecast for the entire day we still braved a trip to Harlow Carr Gardens on Sunday. This trip, which included tea and cake at Betty’s, was courtesy of Fenetic Wellbeing as part of their #WalkForWellbeing campaign.

harlow carr review forest childcare

Being a Forest Childcare provider I’m a firm believer in getting the Little Tots out in the great outdoors whatever the weather and this also applies to my own family at the weekends. As the quote from Ranulph Finnes goes “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

So we packed our raincoats, wellies and umbrellas and set off for RHS Harlow Carr Gardens which is just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire.


We visited here several years ago when Georgia was a baby and I remember the weather being miserable then as well but she slept in the sling the whole time so didn’t notice.

This time she was able to not only walk round the whole place but also enjoy the great Yorkshire institution that is Betty’s.


It was a difficult decision with lots of changing her mind but Georgia finally settled on a bat biscuit whilst I couldn’t resist a scone….which of course became Jacks scone with some extremely chocolately hot chocolate and cake at Betty’s.

Once finished we set off for our guided walk of the gardens which were just beautiful with autumnal colours everywhere you looked.


harlow carr review

The tour guide was very entertaining and had the kids making sure the adults didn’t touch anything when we entered the greenhouse which highly amused Georgia.harlow-10


She even had some of the children not to sure when she pointed in the direction of where the lions were and told them they had to be brave. harlow carr review

Luckily the lions turned out to be made of stone!

harlow carr review forest childcare

harlow carr review forest childcare

We of course, like on any walk with small children, came home with a collection of treasures…..which mostly consisted of soggy leaves. harlow-8

harlow carr review forest childcare

There was a great kids playarea called the Logness Monster which was empty due to the wet weather and we can’t wait to back on a drier day with a picnic.


The walk around the gardens was to far for Jack to walk the whole way at 18 months so he enjoyed being on my back in the carrier where he got a great view of everything and could pull at the wet leaves as we walked past.

He did enjoy a 20 minute walk half way round though and was fascinated by the noise of waterfall, a statue of a troll we found and some huge chickens!


We had such a lovely day out at Harlow Carr gardens and amazingly it only rained a tiny amount. We will definitely be back here again at a different time of year to see how it’s changed.

harlow carr review forest childcare


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