Halloween is my favourite time of year for arts and as long as we don’t do anything with witches, because they’re real and scary according to my 4 year old, then we love it. (This post contains affiliate links)

Last week the lovely Kate from Crafts on Sea sent me a copy of her brand new book  – 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids last week for a sneak peak.

About the book

You know when you scroll through craft ideas for kids on Pinterest and end up thinking there’s just no way my kids could make anything that even barely resembles that? Well this book isn’t full of those ideas. In fact I don’t think there’s any ideas in here that  my Little Tots aged 2 years and upwards couldn’t attempt (with assistance with things like scissors).

The book is well laid out and the linked contents page takes you straight to the craft of your choice so you don’t have to scroll through all of them. I downloaded the book to my iPad (you can also read on your Kindle) so the Little Tots could swipe through and pick their favourites.

Not only are all 30 of these Halloween ideas achievable they also don’t require any obscure or expensive materials to make them with.


30 Halloween crafts for kids

Each craft has a beautiful photo of the finished product, a materials list, instructions and some helpful tips.  As a childminder caring for babies right through to school age children I love that these crafts can be done with multiple ages and easily adapted where necessary.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Today I let the 2 year old with me choose a craft from the book that we could make together whilst the other 2 little ones napped. We’ve been reading the book Five Little Pumpkins recently so she chose the Pumpkin Lanterns to make and was excited to get started.

Luckily I already had everything we needed right down to the glass jar ready to go into our recycling so we gathered our materials and got to work.

You will need:


Firstly we tore up the tissue paper into little bits and added some yellow and red into the mix as well.

Next we covered the glass in mod podge (I’ll let you into a secret, ours was water mixed with PVA glue which is the same thing and cheaper) but because I didn’t read the instructions properly we used glue spreaders instead of paintbrushes which would’ve worked a LOT better!


Next I showed her how to place the tissue paper onto the jar and she copied my actions until she was satisfied she had covered the glass. This was a bit fiddly with the glue mixture and little bits of tissue paper getting stuck on fingers which resulted in a bit of a gloopy mess but this was half the fun.


Then I cut out some eyes and mouth out of the black card and she placed these on to the jar. Older children could cut their own out and design their own spooky pumpkin faces.


Once finished we did another layer of mod podge over the top and left to dry, which considering the amount of glue on it is probably going to take a week!

Once dry place we placed the LED tea light inside and you have a lovely spooky pumpkin lantern perfect to decorate your fireplace or display on a windowsill at night.


If you have children aged 2 years and upwards that love to craft then this book is a lovely collection of Halloween activities to make together. Get your copy from Amazon – 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids (£2.99) and don’t forget to let me know what you make from it.


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