My Little Tots have collected many, many leaves this week. Although leaves are great to put in autumn treasure baskets for little hands to explore, they quickly dry out and disintegrate so thankfully I have managed to preserve a few by laminating them so we could have learning fun with leaves.

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This activity also ties in nicely with this week’s Kids Virtual Book Club featured book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and this weeks theme of leaves.

I’m pretty sure laminators aren’t designed to have leaves put through them but my trusty little one seemed to cope ok!

You will need:

Once laminated, I cut around the leaves and selected the 10 largest ones of the same type and used the sharpie to mark the numbers 1 – 10 on them.

Number recognition and sequencing

The first activity we did was to arrange the numbered leaves in order from 1 – 10. Next I shouted a number and Georgia had to find it. We also placed them on the floor and she had to jump on the number that I shouted out.

We also used them for some simple maths such as “what is 2 + 1?”. There is so many ways to use these leaves to reinforce number recognition and sequencing and it was fun to use real leaves rather that print outs like I have done in the past.


Colour Sorting

This was Georgia’s favourite activity and she spent a long time debating which leaves should go in which colour pile as some of them had multiple colours.

We ended up sorting them into brown, yellow, green and red piles with a few that were placed in between as we couldn’t decide where they belonged.


Sorting by type

Sorting the leaves by type was a little more tricky as some of them we weren’t quite sure of. This was a great opportunity to discuss the different shapes and patterns on the leaves to try and work out which ones belonged together.


Ordering by size

Lastly I asked Georgia to order a group of leaves that she had already sorted-by-type by their size.


Some of the leaves didn’t laminate very well and left big air pockets, mostly around the stems, so next time I’ll definitely make sure these are all removed.

Areas of learning:

  • Maths – number recognition, counting to 10, talking about sizes and patterns, simple maths.
  • Creativity – colour recognition.
  • Understanding the world – why do leaves change colour/fall from the trees etc.

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