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Today marks the start of the Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids 2016/2017 which I’m excited to be co-hosting alongside some other amazing bloggers. The theme this week is apples and the featured book is 10 Apples Up on Top by Dr Seuss so to compliment the book my Little Tots made these Finger Painted Apple Trees.


These easy apple trees are made using things you probably already have around the house

You will need:


We first made these trees 2 years ago when Georgia was 2 years old so it was great to be able to do it again with her now she didn’t need any assistance….although it was still just as messy!

Firstly they painted the paper tubes (and Jack also painted the wall and his face!) brown and then we put them to one side to dry. Due to the amount of paint on them we needed to leave them overnight.


Next we cut out a (kind of) tree shape from the card. This was great scissors skills practice for Georgia and she was able to do her own this year.

Then using the red and green paint they dipped their fingers in to make the apples. Jack was surprisingly good at this bit and managed to make some recognisable apples and not just turn it into a big brown smudge.


These also needed to dry overnight due to the thick paint but once ready we taped them to the dry tubes and we had our very own apple trees. These trees would make a great addition to a small world scene as well as a lovely autumn craft.


Are you joining in with the Weekly Virtual Book Club? You can find out more here and get involved with the fun and don’t forget to use the #vbcforkids hashtag on social media also we can see what you’ve been up to.

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