During the second half of my working week as a childminder I now have three 1 year olds during the day which means any crafts we do need to be a lot more simple.

This morning, inspired by the changing colours around us, I set up this Autumn Painting for Toddlers and let the Little Tots get creative.

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The key to painting with 3 little ones it to be organised. I set this up whilst they were sleeping after lunch and made sure to cover the table and get their aprons ready (I use old school polo shirts)….and don’t forget the wipes to hand as it only takes a second for them to paint the wall / chair / face etc

You will need:

  • Paints in autumn colours (I set out red, orange, green, yellow and brown)
  • Paint brushes (these chunky ones are perfect for little hands)
  • Paper


Jack loves to paint and I think after watching his older sister so many times he knows exactly what to do. He’s just fascinated by the marks he makes on the paper using the brush.

After a while, he switched to his hands / arms and continued to paint and enjoy making marks on his paper.


One of my Little Tots is still a bit unsure about painting but after watching Jack decided to join in and really enjoyed dipping the brush and spreading it on the paper.

Whilst painting I talked to them about the colours and textures of the paint and stayed close to hand ready to wipe up any mess.


The results are these beautiful autumn inspired masterpieces that look lovely on my display board next to our other autumn crafts.


Links to EYFS:

  • Physical Development – learning to grasp a paintbrush
  • Sensory – enjoying the sensory experience of the paint
  • Creativity – naming colours and being creative
  • Literacy – early mark making

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