After we had fun last week on a Collecting Wild Flowers Nature Walk we came home and turned our treasures into a beautiful Suncatcher Nature Collage.

Rather than just stick the flowers they found on to a piece of paper with glue we decided to make these into a nature collage sun catcher and they look beautiful up on our windows and are a lovely reminder of our walk together.

suncatcher nature collage

You will need:

  • Contact paper (stick back plastic)
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Items found on a walk

How to make a Suncatcher Nature Collage

Firstly I cut out a large rectangle shape from the card leaving a thick border. Next G helped me to measure out some contact paper that was the same size as the card and peel it back to secure it.

nature collage

When we turned it over we then had a lovely stick surface to create on that was already framed. We then set out all our finds from our walk and G and J both began to stick them to paper. It J a little while to work out what we were doing but he soon copied (as always) his big sister.

nature collage

He was initially quite content to just feel the contact paper and let it stick to his hands and try and shake it off but he soon enjoyed sticking bits to it even though it was very fiddly for him.

nature collage

I left out the scissors to G could cut any of the flowers or leaves to shape if we wanted to which was also great scissor skills practice for her.

nature collage

G spent a long time deciding where each flower or leaf would go and informed me that her picture was a recreation of the walk we had done and pointed out the different parts of the walk on her collage where she had found the flowers.

nature collage

Once finished she decorated the frame by writing on it “My Little Hunting Picture” (her choice of words!) and now both of them are proudly displayed on our windows letting the light catch them.

nature collage

nature collagesuncatcher nature collage suncatcher nature collage

This is a lovely activity you can do with multiple ages and it was great to actually make something out of the things the Little Tots always pick up on their walks. We will definitely be doing this activity again and G even asked if we could make one for each season which will be a lovely way to celebrate all the changes that happen every time we visit this piece of land.

wild flower nature collage

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