Last week I made this super easy lemon scented Summer Sensory Bin for the Little Tots. The colour of this rice makes me so happy and it’s made the whole house smell amazing. Today Jack has had fun playing with this by himself and I’m now faced with the mass clean up whilst he naps. This post contains affiliate links.

To make this summer sensory bin I started by colouring some dried rice yellow using Wilton’s Food Gels which is amazing at colouring pasta, rice and playdough. I also scented it with lemon favouring that I use for baking. I’ve detailed how I dye the rice in this post here.

I then added some yellow toys in as many different textures as I could find and put it out for Jack to play with. He now knows that when he sees these trays come out something exciting is in them so he toddled straight over to investigate.

Summer sensory bin

He’s pretty good at not putting things like this in his mouth but whether it was the bright colour or lovely smell he did have a little nibble of the rice but quickly decided it was disgusting and spat it straight out.

Summer sensory bin

After a good feel or the rice between his fingers he enjoyed scooping it up and pouring it back out again, mostly not back into the tray. So pretty quickly I decided to put the tray inside the Tuff Spot to try and contain the rice and making it easier for me to put back in again after.

Summer sensory bin

He wasn’t very interested in the toys I had added to the tray and mostly just enjoyed the feel of the rice and the noise it made when dropped from a height. I think just a tray of rice would have been more than enough to engage him for a long period of time at this age (14 months).

Summer sensory bin

I’ve also had this summer sensory bin out for the 16 month, 2 year old and 3 year old I care for and they’ve also enjoyed playing with it although in different ways. This is a perfect activity for multiple ages as babies can enjoy the sensory element whilst toddlers can use it help with colour recognition and pouring and transferring schools and pre-schoolers can use it to talk about describing textures, counting and imaginative play.

To see more of our sensory bins or tips on how to put one together have a look at our How to Create a Sensory Bin post.

summer sensory bin

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