Just as we were setting off to the park the weather decided to change from sun to extra large hailstones and whilst we don’t mind a bit of rain, hail stones are no fun at all. So with an hour to go before school pick up I threw together this quick pom pom drop sensory bin which is a great baby play idea.

This activity took under a minute  to set up but has resulted in hours of play since I put it together. It’s completely captured the attention of my younger Tots especially Jack who is now 14 months old and now knows where I’ve put it when we’ve tidied it away so has been pointing to the top shelf asking for it.

baby play idea pom pom drop

To set it up I simply used a small shallow tray that we use for messy and sensory play (ours is a cat litter tray – brand new of course!) and added in an assortment of different coloured and sized pom poms and some cardboard tubes and that’s it. You can buy large bags of pom poms in the pound shops or here (affiliate link) and we use ours for lots of different activities.

baby play idea pom pom drop

The concentration and focus that both Jack (14 months) and a minded child (16 months) have shown with this activity has been amazing. Babies love to put things in things over and over again so this really appealed to them and they both sat engaged in this activity for long periods of time.

baby play idea pom pom drop

Jack even got in the tray quite a few times which he seems to do with all sensory and messy play now as a great way to explore it. As well as pushing the pom poms though the tube they also enjoyed exploring the textures with their hands, throwing them, tipping them out the tray (much to their amusement) and putting them back in again.

baby play idea pom pom drop

I love open-ended play as it’s fascinating to watch little ones engage with it and offers so many learning opportunities though playing.

If you have toddlers then we have also done a very similar activity with pom poms that my older Tots loved or if you have a preschooler why not Crafty Kids at Home take on this activity with their Fine Motor Tools Pom-Pom Drop.

Areas of Learning

Whilst watching the two youngest Tots play with this simple pom pom drop I was able to observe the following areas of Learning and Development as set out in the EYFS:

  • Communication & Language – concentrating on activities and remaining focussed, understanding simple instructions
  • Physical Development – picking up small objects, squatting down to play, passing objects from one hand to another
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – using pointing and engaging other people to make requests, playing alongside others and showing an interest in others play
  • Maths – has some awareness things exist even when out of sight.
  • Understanding the World – looks for dropped objects, becoming absorbed in placing objects into containers


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