Today I’m excited to share this wonderful guest post from the lovely Nicola at Learning Toy Guide, I never know what to do with our foam letters so can’t wait to try this with the Little Tots.

Thanks so much to Clare for inviting me over to guest post for her this summer. My name is Nicola and you can find me over at Learning Toy Guide, where we help you to choose the best learning toys for your kids. I am mum to Liam 8, Freddie 6 and Bella 4 and we love doing activities together at home after school.

To help reinforce what my daughter has been learning in Preschool and to to help her wind down after a busy day, I often set up simple sensory play activities for her to play with in the afternoon. This is a big help at homework time for my boys as well, as it means I can help them whilst she is busy playing.

Bella loves playing with water and is a big fan of bubbles, so I decided to combine the two and in a Sensory Bin to reinforce the letters she has been learning in preschool this term.
Soap Foam 4

How to make Soap Foam


  • Water
  • Washing up liquid
  • Food Colouring

I poured a little bit of water into a large plastic tupperware, along with a giant splodge of washing up liquid. It needs a really good whisk together to whip it up into Soap Foam, so I gave it a thorough mix together with my electric whisk before handing it over to Bella and her hand held whisk.

You don’t have to do this if you would prefer to keep the bubbles natural, but we decided to add in a few drops of pink food colouring with the water as well to give our bubbles a nice pink tint.

Soap Foam 2

Soap Foam Sensory Bin

I then just needed to load in our Foam Letters (affiliate link) and Bella was ready to play.

She started by giving it all a good whisk together and then asked me for spoons and bowls, as she wanted to make some “Letter Soup”.

Soap Foam 3

I brought a soup ladle and some smaller plastic tupperwares over to the table, so that she would scoop out her “Letter Soup” and pour it into her “bowls”.

As she scooped and poured I asked her which letters she was serving up

Soap Foam 5

She had so much fun with this activity. To extend it a little further, I brought some fresh water and a washing up brush over to the table for her to wash up her letters and get them all nice and clean for another activity.

Soap Foam 1

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Soap Foam PIN

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