This afternoon Georgia helped me set up this Car Wash Tuff Spot to enjoy in the afternoon sun. A couple of months back she had her first ever experience of a car wash and hasn’t stopped talking about it since so this was a perfect activity to help fuel her interest in car washes (this post contains affiliate links). 


You will need:

  • Tuff Spot
  • Toy cars
  • People (we used our Happy Land characters)
  • Chalk
  • Tub of water
  • Tub of bubbles
  • Sponges and dusters
  • Old shoe box

This small world car wash did take a bit of time to set up but Georgia really enjoyed helping to put it together with me and had a lot of say about how it would look, what we needed and where each bit would go.


First, we made the actual car wash itself by using an old shoe box. I cut an entrance and exit and we cut out some strips of an old dishcloth to make the car wash curtains (seriously what are they called?) and secured them with tape to the inside. We then added a tub of water, some bubbles and cut out some squares from an old duster and a sponge to clean and polish the car with.

 car wash tuff spot

Next, I drew some road markings on with a chalk although this did come off as soon as the water started to get everywhere, not that she minded. I also added some signs from Twinkl and laminated them to help protect them. I used this Car Wash Prop Box and Car Wash Role Play Pack.

car wash tuff spot

Setting up this small world meant there was so much imaginative play and story telling going on and she was quite happy for over an hour playing with this before she stopped for a dip in the paddling pool as it was such a hot day. We had to set this up on the garden table to make sure it was out of reach of the two babies also here today who would just crawl straight through it (I did give them their own tub of water and bubbles so they weren’t left out!).

car wash tuff spot

Once she had cooled down she returned to play with it for another 45 minutes. I can’t believe how much this tuff spot really captured her imagination and we’ve played with it several times since although the laminated signs are starting to get a bit worse for wear as water still seeps in.


This would also be a great activity to do after using cars for painting with to give them a good clean and dry before going back in the toy box.

car wash tuff spot

car wash tuff spot

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