All of a sudden our garden has been taken over by the biggest dandelions I’ve ever seen! The Little Tots love picking them for me and we’ve already painted dandelions, painted on them and used them as paint brushes so this afternoon I made a batch of dandelion playdough. 

So using the dandelions they picked this morning I made up a batch of our easy no cook playdough whilst they were napping this afternoon. I picked the petals and added them to the dry ingredients before adding the boiling water.

I also added some yellow Wilton icing gel (affiliate link) to give it a lovely yellow colour and left to cool ready for this afternoon.

Once awake I set out the playdough with some more dandelion heads they had picked and some dandelion leaves. I kept this invitation to play really simple to encourage them to really use their imaginations.

The yellow colouring meant we couldn’t really see the dandelion petals in the playdough so if we did this again I think we’d try not adding colour and leaving it as it is.

The first thing they did was poke the dandelion heads into the playdough and helped each other out with this task, counting and sharing them out as they went.

Due to the heat today the leaves very quickly wilted so they soon discarded those from their creations and grabbed the next nearest thing – pencils. These were poked into the playdough making lots of holes which became magical creature tracks and houses for bees.

Once Baby J has watched his big sister do this he of course had to have a turn himself at this and make marks in his playdough with the pencil. He loved squishing and prodding the plaudough with his hand and enjoyed picking out all the dandelions that had been hidden inside it.

More dandelion fun

If you’re little ones loved this dandelion playdough why not try:

  • Use dandelions to paint with instead of paintbrushes
  • Make a dandelion painting using forks from Crafty Morning
  • Go on a nature walk and see how many dandelions you can spot / pick
  • Read The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony (affiliate link)
  • Bake some Dandelion Mud Pies like these lovely ones from The Pleasantest Thing

dandelion playdough


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