Last month I tried painting with Baby J but he was far more interested in eating it so instead I had a go at this mess free painting for babies and it was a great success.

You Will Need:

  • Large clear zip loc bag
  • Paint
  • Sheet of card
  • Sticky tape (optional)

This was so quick to set up and it meant we could do it several times to create lots of lovely designs. I simply cut the card to size so it fitted inside the zip loc bag, added some squirts of paint and placed inside the bag. I then attached that table to stop it slipping about everywhere.

Any combination of colours in any pattern can be used as it all mixes together to form a beautiful piece of art once they start to move it around inside the bag. We’ve since made some night sky ones by using black, purple and blue and lots of silver glitter which was really effective as well as some spring ones by using orange, yellow and green.

Along with Baby J who was 10 months old at the time I also tried this with another Little Tot who was 12 months old and she loved poking the bag and watching the colours move. After while she did have a little to to see if it was tasty but soon realised it wasn’t and carried on squishing.


Once dry the paintings make a great keep sake as babies first painting or can be turned into a card. Ours are currently displayed proudly on our display board.

I’m pleased to say now he’s 1 years old Baby J is starting to really enjoy painting and doesn’t try to eat it as much meaning I can let him loose with paint and a brush.

If your little one likes painting but you’re worried about them eating it why not try this Homemade Edible Finger Paint recipe from The Imagination Tree.

mess free painting for babies

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