Firstly I know this Jungle Tuff Spot isn’t exactly correct but the Little Tots wanted to make a jungle and they helped to set it up so I wasn’t going to argue about the lions and elephants they added or the lack of trees (this post contains affiliate links).

We have been reading the book Walking Through the Jungle a lot recently which is the reason why I was asked if we could make a jungle this morning. As it’s been a lot warmer here recently we decided it would be fun to make this outside and try and use things found in the garden to create it.

Jungle tuff spot

To make this small world jungle set up we used our tuff spot and a selection of (mostly) jungle animals and then I sent the Little Tots on a hunt to find things we could use to make the jungle.


They had great fun picking the grass and throwing it in and really enjoyed the chance to set up their own. We also added wood chip, rocks, twigs and branches with leaves on. They decided it need some water so I used some blue card for this and attached to the tuff spot with blu tac to keep it in place.


There was lots of story telling and imaginative play going on during play which I always love to listen to. We also reconstructed parts of the Walking Through the Jungle book together using the animals and acting out the different parts.


Even Baby J enjoyed exploring the tuff spot jungle and spent ages picking up and examining the different objects. He wasn’t keen on the grass at first as it was wet but he certainly enjoyed the sound the twigs made if he banged them against the side!


The older two played with this for so long that after an hour they decided they needed a sit down and so went to go and get some bikes to sit on so they could continue playing.

Jungle tuff spot

Links to learning:

This tuff spot was enjoyed by an 11 month, 23 month and 4 year old this morning and provided different learning opportunities for all of them

  • Communication & Language – recalling stories, focussed attention, understanding questions, using sounds in play, extending vocabulary.
  • Physical Development – pulling to standing, cruising, picking up small items
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – engaging in pretend play, playing alongside others, initiates play, seeks out others to play with.
  • Maths – talking about sizes and counting animals
  • Understanding the World – enjoys playing with small world, talking about things they have observed.
  • Expressive Arts & Design – describing texture, enjoying sensory play, constructs with a purpose in mind, building stories around play, introduces storyline to play.

Jungle tuff spot

jungle tuff spot


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