This afternoon I set up this simple flower garden craft for the Little Tots ready for after the school run. We’ve been seeing so many different flowers come out in the garden as well as when we’ve been out so they’ve been very keen to make their own.

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We used:


I set up this invitation to create for the Little Tots as an activity to keep them busy whilst I cooked tea. I left out the materials and let them get creative. For older children you could leave out coloured paper so they could cut out and create their own flowers.


Georgia had a very set idea how her flower garden would look and spent a long time deciding where each bit would go. The 22 month old was quite content with playing with the glue at first before sticking on the flowers.


Georgia modified some of the flowers and stems, using the scissors, to fit how she wanted on her paper. She also made snips at the bottom of her picture which became the grass.


Once they had both finished their flower pictures they of course wanted to make more so they each had another piece of paper and started creating again….leaving me more time to make tea with no interupptions.

flower garden craft

This is a lovely craft to do with multiple ages, toddlers can enjoy gluing and sticking whilst older children can enjoy creating different combinations of flowers and even design their own.


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