After spending all day yesterday outside in the sunshine is was pretty disappointing to wake up to fog and non stop rain today but that does mean it was a perfect day to do some indoor crafts together. We started off with this creative art collage for toddlers as I have a mixed age range today so needed something everyone could join in with.

This activity was quick to set up and doesn’t require any special materials. If it can be glued you can add it.  I have 3 creative little girls here today aged 2 – 4 years old (plus Baby J) so I knew this would be a group project they would love and would make a great idea for a playdate.


You will need:

  • Large roll of paper
  • PVA Glue and glue spreaders
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Something to draw with – we used chunky crayons
  • Selection of materials – we used buttons, craft sticks, bottle tops, paper flowers and scraps of card /tissue paper / paper / foam etc from our scraps box.

I covered our table in the paper and secured at the ends with the sticky tape to stop it moving around. I then set out the materials, glue and paper ready for the Little Tots.


They didn’t need any guidance in getting started and got stuck straight in gluing and sticking the pieces to the paper. They started off by just sticking without any real purpose but soon lots of lovely designs started to take form as they became more creative with the loose parts.

Even Baby J came up to have a nosey at what the girls were doing at the table and had a go at joining in by making marks with the crayons. I had to remove him once he started to see if glue was edible though!


As well as working individually the girls also helped each other, suggesting ideas and building on what they had already designed together. They praised each others work which was so sweet to hear.


There was lots of flowers made using the bottle tops and craft sticks as well as caterpillars, umbrellas, trains, boats, monsters and pizzas.


The finished result was a beautiful free style creative collage that although at first looked like my art cupboard had been emptied on to a piece of paper and mixed with glue when you look closely you can actually see that the parts have been placed quite purposefully.



I love this part of the collage (see below) where the youngest worked on trying to cover as much of the area of paper she was working on as she could with the different scraps of paper and tissue paper. It took her ages but her persistance was amazing especially when it came to handling those small peices and glue! All the different colours, textures, shapes and sizes made a great talking point with her.


This girls had so much fun with this that we’ll definitely be doing it again plus next time we will add in some baking as they all love to decorate cookies and cupcakes. Crafty Mama in ME has a great post on this – How to plan cupcake decorating.

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creative art collage for toddlers

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