With the excitement of Halloween over that means just around the corner is Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes Night) so it’s time to whip up a batch up fireworks playdough. We’ve already had fun making firework cookie pops and covering the playroom in glitter making firework pictures so this fireworks playdough was perfect for some more bonfire night fun.

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fireworks playdough

To make the playdough I used our basic no cook playdough recipe and added black paint, glitter and star shaped confetti. I then added some Sparkly Pom Poms and Glitter Pipe Cleaners to make a firework themed invitation to play, perfect for bonfire night.

firework playdough

By adding a squirt of paint to the hot water before mixing in allows for a really deep colour compared to having to use 10 bottles of food colouring to get it anywhere near black….unfortunately we were nearly out of black paint as we used a lot at Halloween so this is as dark as we could get it

We’ve had this playdough out for a week and it’s been a big hit, especially today as G saw a firework display last night so she’s been trying to recreate all the fireworks she saw.

firework playdough

There’s was lots of describing the sounds, patterns and different colours the fireworks make as well as how they are made (had to look this up myself!) and why we have fireworks. This was a great opportunity to talk about different celebrations such as Diwali, New Years Eve, 4th July as well as Bonfire Night whilst G was creating.

firework playdough

As well as fireworks they playdough was used to make different planents in the night sky with the pom poms becoming space ships and pipe cleaners the glittery aliens. G also used it to make a range of different little black dresses for a doll.

firework playdough

We make a lot of homemade playdough here at Clare’s Little Tots as children of all ages love it and there’s so many benefits of playing with playdough. Don’t forget to check out all our other playdough set ups here, you’re sure to find one your little ones will love.

Links to Learning:

Playdough offers a wonderful way to cover many areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS. Through playing with playdough young children are:

  • Communication & Language – Focussing attention, sitting still, building vocabulary, describing their experience.
  • Physical Development – Building fine motor skills, enjoying sensory experiences.
  • Personal, social and emotional development – Playing alongside others and playing cooperatively with an adult.
  • Understanding the world – Talking about celebrations around the world.
  • Expressive arts and design – Notices effects of leaving marks, describing textures, constructs with a purpose in mind, selects own tools, pretends one object represents another, beginning to make-believe by pretending and sensory exploration.
  • Maths – Counting objects, comparing sizes, talking about shapes they leave in the playdough, making patterns

firework playdough

More firework fun:

If you’re little ones enjoyed making these firework cookies then why not try some of the below ideas

  • Try a simple science experiment like these fireworks in a jar by I Can Teach My Child.
  • Have a go at this fun and messy bonfire craft
  • Make some edible sparklers like these ones from Nurture Store
  • Get outside and move about and dance like a firework, making noises and trying to represent different types of firework.
  • Try out some of our easy firework painting ideas – perfect for toddlers.
  • Talk about safety on bonfire night and at firework displays using these posters from Twinkl.


firework playdough

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