Every year the Little Tots love making these really easy and simple paper plate pumpkins. They’re quick to set up, fun to make and even the littlest of hands can usually manage these with very little assistance.

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You will need:

How to make paper plate pumpkins

Not that this easy craft really needs instructions but here is how the Little Tots made them.

1. Set out the materials and paint. Let little hands enjoy covering the whole plate in orange paint.


2. Leave to dry (or not, we all know how impatient kids are) and glue the eyes, nose and a mouth on to the plate. This year G was able to help me cut the shapes although she still needs a lot of assistance using scissors.


3. Add a green stalk at the end and you’re done.


This year they’ve requested we turn them into masks once they’re dry by cutting holes in the eyes and adding some elastic. I love that even the youngest can join in with this craft, as long as they can hold a paint brush and glue stick they can enjoy creating these paper plate pumpkins.

Links to Learning:

  • Listenting – following simple instructions
  • Sensory – enjoying feeling of paint / glue
  • Physical Development – holding a paint brush / glue stick, picking up small pieces, using scissors
  • Understanding the World – talking about pumpkins and Halloween

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