When Soreen asked if they could send me some of their new Scream Lunchbox Loaves to review I immediately said yes. I love Soreen and a loaf of the banana Soreen never seems to last more than a day in this house it’s just too good.

For those that don’t know what Soreen is or have never tried it it’s delicious malt loaves of squidgy goodness that are low in fat and make a great high energy snack.

Soreen have created two new products Toffee Apple and Chocolate & Blood Orange for Halloween in the form of their lunchbox loaves which are individually wrapped making them an easy snack to grab and take out with us or add to a lunchbox.

soreen scream lunchbox loaves

I added one to G’s lunchbox as an end of week treat so she had a lovely surprise at nursery when she found the Toffee Apple Scream loaf tucked in there. They’re a perfect size treat for kids (and adults) and as they’re low in fat make a healthy treat that’s full of energy. I even use them to fuel my longer runs either having one before or taking one with me as they fit inside my running belt.

I have to confess that as soon as they arrived I tried both flavours straight away (whilst the kids weren’t looking) and can confirm they are, as I knew they would be, delicious and delightfully squidgy. I couldn’t pick a favourite as I have such a sweet tooth so these definitely appealed to me.

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

When these arrived my original plan was to save them for a Halloween play date with friends but unfortunately due to illness we’ve been housebound this week so we had to have fun by ourselves.

Yesterday we enjoyed them as part of a floor picnic in the lounge due to non stop rain outside and still feeling under the weather.  G picked the Chocolate & Blood Orange one to try next and made sure to count all the chocolate bits she could see first before taking a bite. Apparently it should have 25 as that’s her favourite number! I don’t think there was quite that many but it still tastes heavenly. Just the right balance of chocolate and orange without being sweet and sickly.

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

She declared it was “deeeeeelicious” and confirmed this was her favourite flavour….but that didn’t stop her asking to try the Toffee Apple one again straight away.

Each pack of lunchbox loaves has a spooky Halloween idea on the back so the next day we tried them out. The first was a recipe to make some healthy eyeball snacks which G loved the sound of. These were simply carrots topped with cream cheese and a grape and were surprisingly yummy. Not ingredients I’d ever think to put together but it worked.

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

I added them to an afternoon snack plate for us both filled with other Halloween goodies and of course the scream bars.

The other pack suggested a game of bobbing for apples which G decided she needed to wear her Snow White dress for (I’m guessing because of the poisonous apple in the story). Of course this was really hard for her as the apples were quite large but she certainly enjoyed giving it a go and announced it was a a silly game (which is good in her books).

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

We then had a game of ‘What’s the time Mrs Witch’ which was another new game for G and we discovered on the Soreen website. She soon picked it up and even put a witches hat on for this one.


After this we sat quietly to make some Halloween sticker pictures and she used the stickers to make up scary stories, which mostly involved the cats or the pumpkins saying ‘boo” to the ghosts.

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

Once both kids were in bed I was able to put my feet up with a hot chocolate and enjoy another (my third for the day but shhhhh) loaf in peace. Bliss.

soreen halloween lunchbox loaves

These spooky new lunchbox loaves are currently available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda although they might not be around for long so grab them whilst you can….if not you might have to wait until next Halloween to get your hands on them. Unfortunately these packs didn’t last long so we’ll need to buy more for our Halloween party on Saturday.

There’s more party ideas for little ones on the Soreen website here or why not check out some of our Halloween crafts for little ones.

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of these Chalkola Wet Wipe Markers to review free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own

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