This morning my nearly 6 months old had his first go at sensory play with this Halloween themed googly eye sensory bag. This mess-free sensory play is great for little hands to explore without the clean up at the end. As with all messy and sensory play just be sure never to leave babies or children unattended due to the contents.


You will need:

  • Zip loc bags
  • Googly eyes
  • Shower gel / hair gel / bubble bath (or whatever you have)
  • Sticky tape (if securing to a table / window)

This was so quick and easy to make and you could add whatever you had to hand. Just make sure you use a good quality bag to stop it opening up or splitting. I used the IKEA ones that clip shut and this worked fine even after a lot of poking and squishing.


This is the first sensory play that J has had a chance to be involved with (unless you count the mess he makes with food) and once he realised he couldn’t eat it he happily poked and squished it.


The bag felt cool and the eyes easily moved around in the shower gel much to his delight. As well as squishing he picked it up to examine it and pushed it around the table. He tried to pick up the googly eyes through the bag and this kept him occupied for nearly 15 minutes. We had it out again later on and he was still just as fascinated with it.



Second time round I secured the bag to the table to stop me having to pick it up back up off the floor every time he knocked it off and this worked much better. For older babies that can sit unsupported, this could be taped to a window to play with.

We will definitely try this again and add different items such as glitter, sequins, buttons, pom poms and anything else that’s eye catching for little ones.


sensory bag for babies

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