This afternoon G asked to make a tree so we had another go at this autumn handprint tree that we also created last year. The colours in the trees around us at the moment are gorgeous so this was a fun way to extend what we’ve been seeing when out and about.

This is a fun art project to do with several kids or just one and babies can join in as well with adult help. It works best on a large roll of paper on an upright easel compared to the floor or if you don’t have an easel I would secure the paper to a window or door (just watch out for stray hands and paint!).


You will need:

  • Paints in autumnal colours (I let G choose these)
  • Paint brushes
  • Wipes / washcloth
  • Large roll of paper
  • Sticky tape to stop the paper moving around.

How we made it:

1. We started off by painting the tree trunk. Last year when we did this I painted this bit for them but this year G was old enough to do this part herself (3 years) and designed the trunk and branches to her liking.


2. Then using one colour at a time she painted her hand and added her hand print to the paper. Again this was something she was able to achieve herself compared to last year. I assisted with the washing of hands between each colour.


3. She kept going until she was satisfied she had filled all available branches….then it was a mad dash to wash those hands / arms before she touched anything else!


The colours on this are beautiful, especially when they start to mix together and it was lovely to see how this project as evolved from last year when the handprints weren’t as clear.

Links to Learning:

  • Creativity – colour recognition,
  • Physical Development – washing hands after, using a paint brush
  • Sensory – getting messy
  • Understanding the world – talking about seasons, growth and decay over time (leaves on the tree)

More autumn fun

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autumn handprint tree


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