We revisited one of our favourite large scale painting ideas this morning when we had a visitor to play – painting with dinosaurs. We’ve done this activity in the past with children aged 12 months up and its a great way for them all to join in together to create shared artwork (this post contains affiliate links). 

Due to the rain (again) we did this inside this morning but I much prefer this activity outside because kids + paint = mess.

Painting with dinosaurs

You will need:

Firstly I laid out the paper to cover the tray, I had to cut to shape and then secure with sticky tape to stop it moving around whilst the children are painting. I then asked what colours they would like and asked them to select the paints themselves to enforce colour recognition.

Painting with dinosaurs

Next we added dinosaurs and away they went. I love that children of all ages can join in with this activity. Sometimes younger one just prefer to use their hands to move the paint about the paper whilst older children enjoy playing games of guessing which dinosaur made which footprints.

Painting with dinosaurs

Once the paper is completely full I remove it and let it dry usually over a door frame and if they are still interested in doing more we go again. We have also used individual pieces of A4 paper so children can produce their own work to take home or put in their art folders.

There’s also lots of learning opportunities from this activity including colour mixing, ordering footprints by size, learning about the effects of mark making and sensory play.

And of course once we’re finished it’s dinosaur bath time which is always just as much fun as the painting.

Painting with dinosaurs

More Ideas

Do you little ones love this activity? Then why not further their fun and try some of these:

  • Paint with different toys such as cars, trucks, animals or small people. Just make sure it’s something that can be washed easily.
  • Or why not try another of our favourite painting ideas in the tuff spot and use kitchen utensils
  • Make some dinosaur playdough or dinosaur playdough eggs
  • Recreate scenes from our favourite dinosaur book ‘Dinosaurs in the Supermarket’ with this gloop play
  • View all our dinosaur themed activities here
  • or if you need more inspiration check out our Dinosaur board on Pinterest

Areas of Learning

This painting with dinosaurs activity covers many areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS. During play I was able to observe the following:

Communication & Language
Focussed attention, explains why things happen, follows simple instructions.

Physical Development
Practicing fine (picking up small dinosaurs) and gross (standing at the table) motor skills, enjoying sensory experiences.

Personal, social and emotional development
Playing alongside others, confident in talking to others whilst playing.

Early mark making, gives meaning to marks they make and distinguishes between marks made

Expressive arts and design
Notices effects of leaving marks, describing textures, beginning to understand colour mixing, building stories around toys and imaginative play. 

Counting and comparing sizes of the dinosaurs and their prints, making patterns, talking about the shapes the dinosaurs make in the paint.

painting with dinosaurs

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